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Highly qualified and motivated specialists with extensive practical experience

Solutions from 3P Technology Innovations:
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Standard CTS with Siemens PCS7 Standard and Individual Software

About 3P Technology

3P Technology is a Danish software engineering company that specialises in developing  automation and control platforms  - DCS, PLC and SCADA systems.

From our company's establishment in Denmark in  2001,  we have since remained as one of the sought-after system provider in the country.  Since then, we have catered to numerous local and overseas clients in diverse industries, among  which are in the fields of waste and water processing, cooling and heating, infrastructure, electricity sector and geothermal industry.

Our competences are, but are not limited to: electrical design and documentation, configuration and standardisation of automation projects, industrial and large process plants automation, system development and total integration, reporting and back-up systems.

Our local clients include Dong Energy,  Rockwool and Chr. Hansen. In addition, we have also been actively involved in major projects abroad in countries such as Sweden, Poland and the US for clients from Vattenfall, Göteborg Energy and SEG.

Our company consists of highly qualified and motivated specialists with extensive practical experiences in the field of IT and engineering. Every member of our team shares a common vision of providing excellent products and service to meet customer specific needs.